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Marcin Domeracki

Founder, Dumel Sp. z o.o.

We have been cooperating with the ARTNOVA interactive agency for many years. At every stage of our cooperation, the service was professional and at the highest level, 100% involved in every order.

Barbara Tomczuk

Managing director, mBank Brokerage House

We are very pleased with the cooperation with ARTNOVA in the field of graphic design and application ergonomics. ARTNOVA's comprehensive and creative approach to ongoing projects has helped us to become a leader in mobile platforms for stock market investors. The graphics of the first iPad application created for DM mBank set a new standard for investment platforms of Polish brokerage houses.

Jarosław Kasperuk


We could not find any better. The ARTNOVA agency has gained our trust as the right partner, which we highly recommend.

Marcin Werner

President of the Management Board of Risco Software Sp. z o.o

Our expectations were high, but the ARTNOVA agency proved that nothing is impossible for her! We received a thoroughly prepared and implemented project. The team has proven many times that it works effectively under time pressure and is able to complete every order on time, showing professionalism and creativity.

Edyta Bogacka

Associate Director, mBank S.A. Product Owner - wealth management field

For several years, ARTNOVA has been supporting us in building and updating a modern platform mWealth Management. The implemented graphic designs characterized innovation, elegance and attention to detail. The ARTNOVA team listens to the client while designing, but also creates interesting proposals based on their own searches and ideas that we finally use.

Marta Kołodziejska

Marketing & Communications Manager, Hillwood Polska Sp z o.o.

We have been successfully cooperating with ARTNOVA for several years. Prepared visualizations of our objects are characterized by high accuracy and above all they are created at an express pace that also reflects the dynamics of our company. We can always count on creativity, ingenuity and full commitment to each commissioned project.

Zbigniew Pomianek

Vice President, Asseco Poland S.A.

ARTNOVA team has carried out tasks in the field of graphic design and GUI ergonomics in accordance with the agreed schedule. ARTNOVA provided the service on time and with due diligence.

Marek Wrzesiński


We have been cooperating with ARTNOVA for nearly 20 years. I especially recommend ARTNOVA activities to people who are looking for individual solutions. Great contact, quick implementation and consulting at every stage of cooperation. High level of professionalism!

Piotr Fus

Wspólnik, BMW Auto Fus Group Sp. J.

Over 10-year of relationship between the ARTNOVA agency and the BMW brand means that their projects 100% meet our expectations.


UX audit and Usability testing

How we work:

you tell us about the website we are going to study - what it is used for, who is its user,

we ask about the details - do you have statistics on website traffic, what do you see as usability problems, what do you think are the advantages of the website, what do the users complain about,

we determine the scope of the audit - do you want to see the results of the analysis conducted by experts, or do you also want us to conduct user research,

we agree on the products of the audit - you decide whether in addition to knowledge of the problems on the site you want to receive recommendations for changes, or maybe you want us to create a design of a site free of usability problems,

we perform the audit and provide you with a report, if you want, we present the main theses of the report during a meeting (face to face or online).

you pay for the completion of the order, implement the changes and reap the benefits of a highly usable solution.

What you get:

written audit report (summary, list of categorized problems, source data from expert analysis) with concluding presentation,

optional: summary of research (research theses, conclusions, anonymized source data),

optional: recommendations of changes to the website in order to eliminate localized problems,

optional: graphic design and implementation guidelines for modification or construction of a website that meets your business objectives and usability requirements (UX).

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