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Welcome to the world of GiliGums!

Team work & tools

Creating 3D visualizations, packaging and web design couldn’t be done without  team work and newest software. Our knowledge supported with tools help us keep the flow through designing and programming work and let both teams work together  and tell harmonious story of the product.

Packaging design

The idea for the packaging was  to look soft, safe, delicate  and improve the calm mood, but also giving it playful attitude.


Soft pastels colors gives products exclusive and esthetic style which support the idea of safe product.

Web design

A functional and responsive web design as a result of learning about product through process of packaging design and 3D visualizations.

The main goal of the website was to show the user all the benefits of products in an esthetic and playful way.


Considering all the advantages of the product we made sure icons will feet the  design and support the structure of the website.

3D Visualization

Our goal while creating 3D visualizations was to reflect the real product  and get costumers to meet the product through photo realistic presentation. 


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