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Are you looking for a modern and effective website?

We create websites that will attract customers to your business. They are visually appealing and user-friendly, while also being integrated with your business to help you achieve your goals.

Corporate sites
Web applications

1.1UX design

UX design is designing usability for audiences.

UX designers work based on information from the client or their customers. They create models of the typical system user (personas) and define the customer journey. They then create information architecture, navigation systems, and layout of content.

The result of the work of UX designers are mockups (wireframes, mockups) of the website being developed, which serve as the basis for the graphic design of the site.

A UX design will make your website more user-friendly, resulting in more inquiries and orders.

It will also help you gain returning, loyal customers.

1.2Web design

"Web design" involves designing a website's visual appearance and layout, and includes various design elements.

The appearance of a website is the result of its character, presented content, target audience, user interface (UI) design standards, and current graphic trends on the internet.

The design process concludes with the development of a set of elements and views that will serve as the basis for the website’s appearance, which developers will then use to create a site that is familiar to internet users.

An attractive and clear website design will encourage your customers to use your site, helping you to win those precious first few seconds and gain new users.


Deployment of a finished website project is an underrated stage of website development.

Meanwhile, the deployment process is time-consuming and requires technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail, both during the configuration, initial content seeding, and testing phases.

The deployment process also includes configuring the settings responsible for the performance, reliability, and security of the finished website.

Properly executed deployment will ensure that your website operates smoothly and securely, protecting your customers’ data.

High website performance is also an opportunity for better search engine rankings.


More and more activities are being moved to the internet. However, with this increase in online activity comes an increase in attempts to steal data and commit fraud.

Technologies are constantly evolving. Progress can be seen on the front-end interfaces for users as well as the backend, which is the part of the software responsible for the proper operation of the application and is not visible to the user.

Such a dynamic situation requires that websites and applications be monitored and updated. Maintenance actions ensure continuity of access to the solution and increase the security of user data.

Maintenance service will ensure that your website operates correctly for a long time.

You will avoid unforeseen outages and unavailability of your website, online store, or web application.

1.5Implementation conditions

The duration of the project depends mainly on the size of the website, planned functionality, and the complexity of the structure. The regularity of cooperation between the client and the ARTNOVA team also has a significant impact.

In practice, the creation of a corporate website from the moment of signing the implementation agreement to launching it on the client’s server takes about 8-10 weeks.

In the scope of Web development, we provide a comprehensive service of website design, implementation, and maintenance. As independent services, we perform UX and graphic design (UI) projects for websites. In the case of each service, we provide the implementation cost after a preliminary analysis of the project based on a brief and/or after an introductory workshop with the client.

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    Over the past 20 years, we have had the pleasure of working for brands such as:


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    and that is what motivate us!

    Piotr Fus

    Wspólnik, BMW Auto Fus Group Sp. J.

    Over 10-year of relationship between the ARTNOVA agency and the BMW brand means that their projects 100% meet our expectations.

    Marek Wrzesiński


    We have been cooperating with ARTNOVA for nearly 20 years. I especially recommend ARTNOVA activities to people who are looking for individual solutions. Great contact, quick implementation and consulting at every stage of cooperation. High level of professionalism!

    Marta Kołodziejska

    Marketing & Communications Manager, Hillwood Polska Sp z o.o.

    We have been successfully cooperating with ARTNOVA for several years. Prepared visualizations of our objects are characterized by high accuracy and above all they are created at an express pace that also reflects the dynamics of our company. We can always count on creativity, ingenuity and full commitment to each commissioned project.

    Barbara Tomczuk

    Managing director, mBank Brokerage House

    We are very pleased with the cooperation with ARTNOVA in the field of graphic design and application ergonomics. ARTNOVA's comprehensive and creative approach to ongoing projects has helped us to become a leader in mobile platforms for stock market investors. The graphics of the first iPad application created for DM mBank set a new standard for investment platforms of Polish brokerage houses.

    Jarosław Kasperuk


    We could not find any better. The ARTNOVA agency has gained our trust as the right partner, which we highly recommend.

    Marcin Werner

    President of the Management Board of Risco Software Sp. z o.o

    Our expectations were high, but the ARTNOVA agency proved that nothing is impossible for her! We received a thoroughly prepared and implemented project. The team has proven many times that it works effectively under time pressure and is able to complete every order on time, showing professionalism and creativity.

    Edyta Bogacka

    Associate Director, mBank S.A. Product Owner - wealth management field

    For several years, ARTNOVA has been supporting us in building and updating a modern platform mWealth Management. The implemented graphic designs characterized innovation, elegance and attention to detail. The ARTNOVA team listens to the client while designing, but also creates interesting proposals based on their own searches and ideas that we finally use.

    Marcin Domeracki

    Founder, Dumel Sp. z o.o.

    We have been cooperating with the ARTNOVA interactive agency for many years. At every stage of our cooperation, the service was professional and at the highest level, 100% involved in every order.

    Zbigniew Pomianek

    Vice President, Asseco Poland S.A.

    ARTNOVA team has carried out tasks in the field of graphic design and GUI ergonomics in accordance with the agreed schedule. ARTNOVA provided the service on time and with due diligence.

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